A downloadable Michael Jackson game for Windows

Disclaimer: This is a humorous horror game and was developed with the intention of being unsettling, funny, and ridiculous.

in the remote mountains of Canada, horrors wait inside an abandoned mansion that's been left untouched for decades. No one knows what happened to the employees that used to work for the rich mansion owner, but legend says that they were trapped in a basement and killed. You assume the role of a woman, who has woken up inside the mansion without any memory of what has happened. The goal of the game is simple, ESCAPE.  Equipped with only one weak flashlight,  you have to explore the mansion to gather clues about the mansion's dark past and every event that has occurred, and hope that this dark and eerie building does not become the final place you've ever been to.  Not long after getting deeper into the mansion, things go horribly wrong.

Updated 23 days ago
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Funny, Horror, Mystery, Short, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

You need to install WinRar to extract the file. 

After installing WinRar, extract the game's files. 


AO.rar 1 GB
Version 1 55 days ago


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Fun game, struggled at the end and couldn't do it, not skilled enough! Nice work! 

When you said this was a funny horror game, I let my guard down. 

Yes it was funny , but my God that last monster gave me nightmares. 

I really feel you hit it right.  Though i had a few miniscule issues which I addressed at the end of the video. Nice Work

Thank you for playing!


I ran into a few bugs but still enjoyed playing there was a few funny parts that I like also

Thank you for playing!

Your welcome

This Game Was Definitely Funny While Also Being Scary! I Had A Fun Time Playing !

Thank you for playing!

goofs and spooks what more do you need

awesome and difficult, good job

(1 edit)

Decent game but it would of been better if it was longer, 9.4/10

Such an awesome game I like it. :) 5/5

What can I say? This was hilarious. It was also really well done. I loved how the lighting changed depending on where you were in the mansion. Especially with the different dimensions. I have to admit I also laughed my ass off when I saw that vegan teacher running around. Brilliant move. That said, please watch my video if you get bored, share if you liked it. I actually played it twice, because the first time I accidentally forgot to hit record. Oops! It was worth it though. It was fun both times.

nice creepy

When I got outside to call the authority the game completely crash and now I have to restart from the beginning :(

Must be a bug, I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback!